Affirmation Self-Reflection: I have an attitude of gratitude


My attitude reflects a heart filled with appreciation for the things I have. I am humbled whenever I count my blessings because I know that there are many who are in less fortunate situations.

I am grateful because my Creator continues to bless me out of love. I seek to treat others with the same love and shower them with gratitude.

Gratitude makes my heart full of positive energy. I walk through life with a smile on my face and confidence in my heart because I trust that I am cared for. When I look through thankful eyes, I am able to see hope in the world.

When someone does something for me, I express my thanks, even when it is something small. I appreciate others’ hard work and dedication toward me. From the clerk at the store, to my loving spouse, I make it a point to sincerely thank everyone who serves me.

A small note, a smile, and a kind word are all simple ways in which I show others that I am thankful. A grateful attitude keeps pride and arrogance far from me. Pride comes before the fall, but gratitude keeps me standing strong.

Being thankful is a habit that I work on. Over time, the more appreciation I show, the easier it gets. Gratitude has become a charming and natural part of my personality.

Today, I give thanks for the gift of life. I go out of my way to make sure those around me know that I appreciate them from the bottom of my heart.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1.    What am I grateful for?
2.    Who can I thank today?
3.    What is one creative way that I can show my appreciation to someone?

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