Affirmation Self-Reflection: I am excited by the presence of a new day


Each new day is a gift that I choose to cherish.

I begin my day by waking up in a warm, soft bed and stretching my body to prepare myself for the day ahead. I breathe in deeply, smell the fresh morning air, and enjoy the crisp breeze as I emerge from the covers.

I am awakened with the joy for the day ahead of me.

This is a brand new day, a day that is untouched by yesterday and reaches toward tomorrow. This day is the blank canvas that will receive the masterpiece of my day.

I may be going off to work, spending my day working around the house, or even running errands; whatever my day entails I will enjoy it and I am blessed to have it.

Yesterday is gone forever and tomorrow may never come; therefore, this day is the most important day of my life. I cherish this day and enjoy each moment that passes.

Today is perfect and I will take the time to appreciate the air I breathe, the light that touches my face, and the sounds of my unique environment that make up the music of my day. I will enjoy my day and be present in each moment.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What is my first experience of the day?
2. Have I remained present in each moment?
3. Have I embraced my day as the gift that it is?


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