Affirmation Self-Reflection: Through my own inspiration, I inspire others


The world all around me is inspiring. There are always things that matter, that are significant, and that can bring me great joy and happiness. Each and every day, I am inspired by the world.

By living in the moment, I can find new insight. I am able to see beauty in things that others might overlook by thinking outside the box. I take that ability and share it with others so they can use it for themselves. By doing this, I get the joy of helping others smile.

I inspire others by supporting their dreams and goals. I know how happy it makes me when I am taking action to live the life I desire, so I encourage others to grab that same happiness for themselves. It’s a joyous way to live and I am glad to share it with others.

Since I am enthused, I use that enthusiasm to bring love and joy to the world. Happiness is something to be given away freely. I willingly share my great happiness with others. As I share it with the world, it also comes back to me.

Today, I use my own personal inspiration to inspire others.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What inspires me to take action to reach my goals?
2. How can I help others follow their dreams?
3. What is the best way for me to look for more inspiration in my own life and share it with others?

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