The Journey of a Thousand Miles


Not long ago, a book called “The Secret” came out that propelled the positive thinking movement into the spotlight.  While there was a lot of humor and curiosity about The Secret, it might have sparked your curiosity about whether there is any substance to this teaching.  Your curiosity is justified, as is your caution.


The purpose of this article is to help you find ways to begin to understand more about the positive thinking concept and how to make those first steps toward investigating if it could really be a benefit to you.  First of all, you have already begun your quest to find out more about this line of teaching.  The very fact that you are reading this article shows that you have a curiosity and you are not going to let rumors or public images that make the movement took foolish for your opinion.  The fact that you are the kind of person that makes up your own mind about things rather than follow the crowd shows that you are also the kind of person that could reap the most benefit from teachings such as you found in The Secret.


There is an old saying that a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.  So you have made that first step and the next step is to find out where you can go next without making a huge commitment and without spending a lot of money.  After all, you are still at the curiosity stage.  But if you learn that there is some very real and a valid teaching here that could empower you to greater success in life, which is worth investigating.


One place that a lot of people go to find out more is the book that got the momentum moving in the first place, The Secret.  Now, it is a fine book that is well written and it is definitely inspirational.  However, some have noticed that it is written in rather poetic language and the use of parable or illustrative language is strong.  To put it more bluntly, some of us need something that is a little more down to earth and written to the how you and I think.  We need a teacher that knows where we are and can guide us step by step toward a greater understanding about how we can use the power of our minds to achieve greater success in life.


For many that writer is Anthony Robbins.  Robbins came up from a simple life to where he is now holding a position of one of the premier teachers about self-actualization and positive thinking.  At one time, Anthony Robbins was barely getting by as a janitor with little vision or ambition in his life.  He followed a path to greater vision, greater passion and through that path he discovered the principles that helped him overcome self-limiting behavior and free his mind to realize his fullest potential.


Perhaps one reason we can connect to Anthony Robbins is he teaches that we all have a destiny and an inner calling or dream but most of us have not realized it.  In fact, life has a way of stealing away our energy and our ability to strive to become what we were put here to be and to “settle for less”.  While we might not be miserable, if you feel that you were made for greater things and that you just need a guide to help you release that greatness within you again, then Anthony Robbins is a perfect guide for you.


It isn’t hard to find seminars, books and web sites that can give you tons of additional information about how to move forward to learn more.  By taking our little clues and planning how you will expand your interest in what you can learn about unleashing the greatness within you and realizing your dream once and for all, you can slowly begin to develop a second step then a third and then a fourth.


Before long you will be walking along a path that will bring you closer and closer to seeing your dream become a reality and seeing you realize the wealth that will be yours when you fulfill your destiny.  Then it will be worth it that you took that first step of the journey of a thousand miles.  It is a journey worth taking.

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